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Preparing for Dental Implant Surgery: Making Way for New Teeth

February 13, 2024

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Dental implant

Dental implants aren’t the best way to replace missing teeth just because they look, work, and feel exactly like the real thing. They also boast an incredibly high success rate of over 95%! While dental implants are designed to be amazingly durable, beautiful, and stain-resistant, they still require patients to practice some good habits so they can heal properly and last for life. Here’s a brief guide to preparing for dental implant surgery so you can enjoy a speedy recovery and a wonderfully restored smile!

Practice Excellent Oral Hygiene

Dental implants require healthy gums to be successful, so any tooth decay and gum disease will have to be resolved before they can be placed. While your dentist may have to address this with scaling and root planing in its more advanced stages, gum disease can be prevented or reversed in its early stages with excellent oral hygiene. With a daily regimen of brushing, flossing, and using antibacterial mouthwash, you can help make sure your gums are in great shape when the day of your surgery comes.

Stock Up on Supplies

After your dental implant surgery, you’re going to need plenty of nutrition and hydration so your body has the fuel and resources it needs to heal properly. It’s a great idea to stock up on soft, mild, nutritious foods that can be easily prepared before the day of your surgery. That way, you’ll be able to put together a decent meal that can be easily chewed without disturbing your healing implants. A few examples include:

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Cooked vegetables
  • Macaroni and cheese

Kick the Smoking Habit for a Smoking Hot Smile

Tobacco is terrible for the health of your teeth and gums and a common reason behind dental implant failure. Nicotine causes blood vessels to constrict as a side effect, making it harder for the gums to heal and fight infection, and frequent exposure to tobacco smoke can exhaust the gums and cause them to recede. Both of these can compromise the healing of dental implants, so it’s a great idea to abstain from smoking for a few months before and after dental implant surgery. If you’re going to quit smoking for that long, why not just go all the way and quit for life?

Dental implants are a great way to enjoy a complete smile after tooth loss. Being prepared for dental implant surgery can prevent complications and set you up for a speedy and thorough recovery process.

About the Practice

Dr. Byron Reintjes earned his dental doctorate at the Case Western Reserve University School of Dentistry before completing a one-year hospital-based dental residency. He has worked as a dentist for more than thirty years and loves helping people be happier through better oral health. His office in Fresno, CA offers general, cosmetic, restorative, and emergency dentistry as well as dental implant services. For more information on preparing to receive dental implants, contact the office online or dial (559) 438-6684.

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