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Here’s Why You Should Go Ahead and Replace Your Metal Crown

January 6, 2022

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woman with dental crowns in Fresno

Years have passed since you got your metal dental crown, and maybe you’ve had some concerns along the way. Sometimes people point the metal crown out, which can be a little embarrassing. At times, you might feel somewhat uncomfortable with how the crown feels or makes you look. Are you looking for something better? Good news! Your local dentist can replace your metal dental crown in Fresno with one that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Read on to learn more!

Why Should I Replace My Metal Crown?

You may have plenty of reasons why you got a metal crown in the first place, but with today’s advancements there are simply better options available to you. Here are several important reasons why you should replace your metal crown:

  • Metal Crowns Can Cause Sensitive Teeth—When drinking hot or cold drinks, metal crowns can increase your teeth sensitivity. Best to change to a modern and more natural feeling crown.  
  • You’ll Look Younger—Due to the older technology used, your metal crown can make you appear older than you are. Modern tooth-colored crowns won’t!
  • Metal Crowns Can Cause MRI Interference—A metal crown can interfere with the magnetic fields during an MRI, distorting the imaging. Worst case scenario, the metal crown can be drawn to or repelled by the magnet, potentially causing a projectile injury.
  • Lower Your Risk of Decay—There could be decay occurring and concealed underneath the metal crown. Even if you get an X-ray, cavities or infections developing under your metal crown could be too difficult to identify. By the time you catch it, serious damage will most likely have already occurred.

What Is the Alternative to My Metal Crown?

With today’s technology, your dentist can provide a more efficient and lifelike dental crown than a metal one. A resin or ceramic dental crown avoids practically all the drawbacks of metal crowns, seamlessly repairing and strengthening your smile with a restoration that looks completely natural.

With your old metal crown replaced with a new material, you can look and feel brand-new with an upgraded smile. No more feeling self-conscious with metal in the mouth. Only confident smiles from here on out!

About the Author

Dr. Byron L. Reintjes, DDS, has practiced dentistry in Fresno, CA since 1991. Dr. Byron and his team are committed to providing excellent patient care with state-of-the-art equipment. Using the latest high-quality materials, Dr. Reintjes offers restorative dentistry that can help replace your metal crown with one resembling natural teeth. If you have more questions, visit his website or call 559-438-6684.

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