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Invisalign FAQs – Fresno, CA

Providing Clear Answers For Straighter Teeth

A man holding an Invisalign aligner

When choosing to straighten your teeth with Invisalign, you may be unaware of the complete process it requires. You’re familiar with traditional braces and how they work, but this method is different. The flexibility you have with Invisalign is one of the reasons you chose it, right? But what about cleaning your aligners or life after Invisalign? What can you expect? These are some of the answers Dr. Reintjes provides to some common Invisalign FAQs. If by the end of this page you still have questions, don’t be afraid to contact us!

Am I a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

A young man smiling

Invisalign braces are designed for adults. While some older, more mature teenagers may be eligible to receive them, it depends on each individual case. Invisalign requires a level of commitment because of its flexibility. Unlike traditional braces that cannot be removed, Invisalign aligners are removable, which means if you do not wear them as instructed, you will delay your treatment.

Additionally, Invisalign is designed to fix crooked teeth and minor bite alignment issues. If we examine your mouth and determine your dental needs are more severe, Invisalign might be the best option for you.

Why Should I Feel Confident About Invisalign Treatment?

A dentist directing a female patient to insert her Invisalign aligner

Apart from the many benefits Invisalign braces offer, you can have increased confidence knowing you are receiving a safe and effective treatment. Our team of professionals can get you a straighter smile in less time than traditional braces, and that’s because of the extensive research done to provide a more viable and convenient solution for crooked smiles.

Other reasons you can be confident in your Invisalign treatment include:

How Do I Take Care of My Aligners?

Invisalign aligner and protective case

There are a few ways you can clean your aligners. The first is with the Invisalign Cleaning System, which can be purchased through your dentist or online. Another way is to simply use lukewarm water, a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean your trays. Remember, never use hot water on your trays, as it will warp the plastic!

Making sure to remove any dried saliva or bacteria before reinserting your aligners is important so that the harmful substances do not transfer from your trays to your teeth.

It’s also worth noting that when you are removing your aligners to eat or drink, you place them in a protective case. This will keep them safe should you accidentally drop them.

What Happens When I’m Done with Invisalign Treatment?

A young girl and guy smiling together

Once you have finished treatment, Dr. Reintjes will recommend you wear a retainer to keep your teeth from shifting back to their original location. It might depend on your specific needs as to what type of retainer you will wear, but in the beginning, you can expect to wear it full time. Once some time has passed, we will instruct you to only wear your retainer while sleeping at night.